Saturday, April 14, 2012


 Good Morning and Happy Saturday! I just thought I would do some catching up and let you see some of what's been going on in Studio "B". 
   This one (on the left )is called Tin Can Flowers. I call them this because once upon a time my Son Jody created an entire garden with flowers cut from Tin Cans. Now every time I see a flower that is not real that's what I call them. 
 This little cutie is known as the "Halloween Queen". She is made from paper clay and cloth. Check out Jane Derosier's site, Clay Over Cloth Dolls and see what cha come up with. You'll love her and her classes. 
The Halloween Queen actually won a  Blue Ribbon at the Interstate Fair. Yippee!!!!!!
       I just love her. She sits so sweet in Studio A and all the customers comment to her every time they come to get their hair styled.  

This fabulous painting to your left is an incredible story. Need I say more. Oh, did you say this looks amateurish? Well, don't feel bad cuz.... it is. I love amateur work . I love primary art and anything that has a "rough edge to it. Believe it or not this is the first painting I've ever sold. It was intended to be a snow village with a snowman and kids playing. hum.... something went weird somewhere but I kept working and this is what popped out of the canvas. I tried to hide it but to my surprise someone saw it tucked away in the Studio B and with all their heart just had to have it. So, wa-la $$$$$.   

Her name is Amanda. She sings Southern Gospel Music. She loves the stage and she lives for every opportunity to be on it. Her red hair and humongous green eyes makes everyone want to sit and listen for hours. Since she is from the South Amanda has a southern accent and country is in her blood. Amanda is not my daughter but every aspect of her reflects who I am. My favorite compliment from her to me is"You are my mother after all".  Then we giggle out loud!



  1. Love your art. Especially the one you sold. Great use of colors. xo PJ

  2. Thanks so much PJ. You're thoughts are as good to me as gold. I look forward to seeing your work as well. You are such an inspiration to me. Have a great day. Debbie