Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Of My Stuff

Thise are the beautiful flowers Jerry planted for me last year. They were so beautiful. I guess we'll go today and get some more. The winter was rough on them Can't wait. Little Orange Marygolds are my favorite with some pretty Impatience running along the driveway. Last year Jerry planted Ocra and man did they every grow. We're still eating Pea's and Fried Okra. You guessed it, that's  Good Sothern Cookin!   

Studio A & B from the drive way entrance
Just wanted to share with you a few of my favaorite things. Actually thre is not enough room for ALL of them but for starters here they are. To begin with, the yellow building is where I do my creating. It is so peaceful out there. It is, however, in the south forty of our back yard and when I go there it's like leaving home. Sometimes I stay there for hours and hours, then other times, it can get sort of lonely. Either way, I just keep on keeping on. 

Birds -n- Butterflies
This is one of my first paintings. I've only been at this painting thing for about a year. My mother is my director and she is awesome. She teaches a class every Wednesday morning over at Church In The House. The church my husband Jerry and I Pastor. Yep, that's right, when I said we were DIY'ers I really meant it. We do it all. So, anyway, the paint class is just right for ignihting my creative juices andgetting them to flow freely. I LEARN how to do it right then I come back to the studio and BAM! I've done it all wrong. Well, not always , I just EXPRESS! Amen?   

Let me introduce you to this fabulous quilt wall hanging. I wasn't supposed to get this big but somehow it did and can fit a twinsize bed. I have it hanging in my living room. It is a story quilt that exemplifys who I am. Always busy, teaching, preaching, crafting, artsing, running, doing doing doing doing............ and on and on and on! I have so many hats, but there is just one head to put them on.. I must say at this time however, I praise God for blessing me with an abundance of talent and abilities. I receive His promise that I will never be in want for He has provided me the means to have. Hallelujah!

Okay, enough preaching for the moment. Eventually we'll get to know each other better but I believe you are beginning to see what your in for. FUN<<<<<<FUN>>>>>>FUN>>>>FUN>>>>>>FUN>>>>FUN!!!!!!!!!!    

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