Saturday, May 24, 2014


I have tons of photos to share with  you however, for the moment I"m not able to get to them. I just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone and let you know I haven't fell from the face of the earth. Actually we've been super busy.

Our house underwent a tremendous amount of water whenthe flood came through. So now we are cleaning, fixing, and rearranging.

I've been making art and redoing some furniture pieces in the meantime but for the most part every thing has just been 'wet"!  There is no other way to put it.

The night it happened I was at a local "Womens' Conference" and when it was over the broadcast went out that no one could leave the building. Flash floods were overcoming our city and it was too dangerous to drive.

Meanwhile back at the ranch hubby and S.P. and Pooty-Poo were batteling the storm with 27 inches of rising waters.

The water got trapped under our house, the electric is run, under the house, therefore we lost power , our freezer was tipped upside down with tons of deermeat, and other stuff, our roof beganleaking in three different places, my studio along with our barn was totally flooded out. Nevermind having to spend the night at a Faith Center with water leaking throughout the building.

So, how's your day been?

Certainly there were others who have it so much worse than we did. Fema, has been great to help us out and our hearts go out to the thousands of others who've been shoved out of their nest. We're praying for you.

I will be backshortly to share all the stuff I've been trying to accomplish. Remember one monkey don't stop no show and one flood don't stop my art.

If I've learned one thing through all of this MESS, i've discovered when life hands you MUD, make MUD-PIES! YAY!!!!!  Blessings, and see you soon!