Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Bunny Brigade

I know, I have been quiet these past few weeks but like all of you I have been so busy. In the meantime I have been working on a few cuties for Easter and I'm ready now to unveil. First let me explain, I love love love paper mache and normally it isn't hard to do, it's easy to work with, and the results always turn out good. No matter what! Now, I'm not a professional, or nuttin like that but just because I love the medium I feel it's okay to share my little stuff with you. So if you'll join me in ooh's and ahh's I will introduce you to Miss Bunny Bling-um. Isn't she doing a mavelus job dancing?
While Bunny Bling-um is entertaining on center stage waltz on over to the concession stand for some of Chef Ratz, famous Swiss Cheese Sougle' (huh?)

      And as always at our beautiful Florida resort Beach Bunny is up to his old tricks of hiding Easter eggs on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. (His eyes look like he'sbeen  hiding something else too don't ya think?

                            Together this adorable trio makes Studio B a fun and exciting place to hang out. Come join me anytime for some Paper Mache' Fun in the Sun.

So, now that Easter is on it's way, I think I'm going to get ready for some spring sewing. I can't wait to share with you what's whipping up. I've got big plans to move my sewing stuff into the house instead of leaving it in the Studio. Sometimes I get awfully lonely out  there. It's okay for messy stuff, but sewing should be relaxing. My plan is this; Paint bonus rom Strawberry Pink (yay) Make some Zebra print curtains, Zebra, ironing board cover , create an inspiration board,  and what ever else comes to mind. Hope all of you are having a beautiful March and if the Lord don't come, and the creek don't rise, I'll be back. C Ya!