Saturday, December 21, 2013


WOW! Time flies when you're busy. And busy is what I've been. Sorry to be away so long  but just a quick update to let all of my blog family know that I really appreciate you stopping by and visiting me when you can. All of you are a true inspiration to keep those creative waters flowing. 
I'll make it snappy so here goes... Since October this is whats been happening and I mean this is just the "core" of it all not those other things that surround a life.

1.  Fall Festival
2. I did a total remake of my Mothers kitchen, painting walls, cabinets, and laying new floor YAY!
3.  Thanksgiving Dinner for about 60 hungry pilgrims.
4. Christmas Parade Float Decor
5. Christmas Parade other stuff that goes with it.
6. Helped put together a beautiful wedding for  dear friend.
7. Directed and Spearheaded the Munchkin MInistry while transporting children to and from,  and entertaining two Nursing Home Fascilities. 
8. Wrote, Directed and Produced an awesome Christmas Play, Danger in the Manger with a wonderful cast of 16.

Okay, now this doesn't involve the furniture revamps and ornament making, and hair doing, and house cleaning that goes on in between.

WHEW! and guess what?  NOW I'M SICK!

All I want is for someone to come  to my house and bake me some sugar cookies that look like snowmen and santa with a cute little candy cane. Honestly, please come, DO IT YOURSELF , don't ask me where anything is...look for it.....then pour me a tall glass of cold milk ( fat free) and join me as I celebrate my most beloved season of all. 


                                             SEE YOU NEXT YEAR