Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer 2015

 Sometimes I think my beginning paintings a far better than my latter ones.

Mermaids around here seem to be the going thing also.

Put my hands to a few and in the meantime got me a brand new Grandbaby. His name is LEVI JAMES!

 And just like that painting below He's such a little ANGEL!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm not going to go into this big spill about being too busy to blog but....I will say that time has NOT been on my side over the past few months. I do however want to share with you the happenings so first let me begin with the news... I'M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYA--HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!!!
The year 2015 is going to be very exciting with a precious promise. His name will be called Levi. Making plans to vist as soon as possible once he arrives. So excited. I've had the awesome privilege of investing into the lives of many children and  young people but this will be my first biological grandchild. I love them all but now it's my turn to experience the 'bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh'.  Anticipation, excitement, can't stay out of the baby department, already purchased his Baby's First Christmas stocking for next year.
Over the past few months I've spent time with my amazing Son and His wife down in central Florida,baking cookies, and just hanging out in the beach house. I've written and directed and produced a marvelous Christmas program for our church entitled ' The Angel that Would". With a cast of 20 children and adults, music, glitz, glamor, and an amazing message that would stir the heart of man to turn their eyes toward heaven, I can now say, It is finished. Whew! the meantime making art, and fulfilling the creative muse that continually bekons, as much as I love the holidays and this time of  year I must say I am so looking forward to 2015. yes I'm pooped! But in a few days I will spring forward into preparing for the Ladies Retreat Ministry in February, the Churh In The House Anniversary, and the arrival of my precious litle Grandson.
So....... What cha'll doin?
I've inserted a few pic's of the latest from Studio-B so check them out and be sure to comment. Oh how I love to hear form you. 
 And by the way......




Monday, August 18, 2014

Creatively Creating

So.......ah,hum.....diga miss me? Well, I certainly missed you ! This summer has been super busy. We've totally recovered from the flood, we've had a new addition to our family, his name is Carter, he is now four months old, and yes he is "grand' . I'm still boothing at the antique store and Praising God all the while because so much of my work is selling. I do have to stay on my toes though. I have quite a few pic's to share with you so take a seat and enjoy the show. We'll talk more when it's over.

Pretty Ladies In A Row



Pretty Blue Chair

Funkie Little Flowers

Happy Corner in my Booth at Antiques and More (I think I'm the more Part lol)   



Junk Dress (Moo-Moo)

Office Chair Redo- and Pooty-Poo

Baby Carter

Paper Mache Creatures as inspired by Julie Arkell . go to her site. She is awesome!

WOW! Now wasn't that fun? I'm so glad to be back in blogland and I promise I will TRY to stick in here and be more committed. I love sharing my stuff with ya'll. Not too many people around here really get it. Ya know what I'm sayin?
Now that I'm caught up I think I'm gonna run out to the studio and see what else I can get into. Thanks for dropping in and please come back again and again. Drop me a comment if ya see something that 'inspires" ya. And oh yea! Please have an Art-Full Day.
Did you know that Methusala ( a man in the Bible) lived to be 969 years old? He's the oldest man that ever lived, however, the Bible says that he lived to be 969 and then he died. Don't let that be us, artists and makers. Make your days count so that when your time comes you can look back and say, Whew! I've lived this many years and there's not enough books to record all the art I created and stuff I made. Blessings to all of you. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I have tons of photos to share with  you however, for the moment I"m not able to get to them. I just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone and let you know I haven't fell from the face of the earth. Actually we've been super busy.

Our house underwent a tremendous amount of water whenthe flood came through. So now we are cleaning, fixing, and rearranging.

I've been making art and redoing some furniture pieces in the meantime but for the most part every thing has just been 'wet"!  There is no other way to put it.

The night it happened I was at a local "Womens' Conference" and when it was over the broadcast went out that no one could leave the building. Flash floods were overcoming our city and it was too dangerous to drive.

Meanwhile back at the ranch hubby and S.P. and Pooty-Poo were batteling the storm with 27 inches of rising waters.

The water got trapped under our house, the electric is run, under the house, therefore we lost power , our freezer was tipped upside down with tons of deermeat, and other stuff, our roof beganleaking in three different places, my studio along with our barn was totally flooded out. Nevermind having to spend the night at a Faith Center with water leaking throughout the building.

So, how's your day been?

Certainly there were others who have it so much worse than we did. Fema, has been great to help us out and our hearts go out to the thousands of others who've been shoved out of their nest. We're praying for you.

I will be backshortly to share all the stuff I've been trying to accomplish. Remember one monkey don't stop no show and one flood don't stop my art.

If I've learned one thing through all of this MESS, i've discovered when life hands you MUD, make MUD-PIES! YAY!!!!!  Blessings, and see you soon!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Creativity

Happy March to all of you out there in blog land. I'm not even sure anyone actualy see's my blog but for the mere sake of keeping up with myself and haveing the privilege of saying to someone I know, "Hey, take a look at my blog and you can see what I"ve been doing", I continue to blah-blah-blah!

So, Let me see what's new, um, hum.... Oh I know, ...not too much. I've always heard it said this way, "No News,is Good News" so I"ll stick with that. Furthermore, in the Studio-B, there has been quite a ruckus going on out there. Take a look at all the fun things I"ve been doing. When I get going really good paint starts slinging, glue balls start dorpping, and my my my what a time I have. Check it out!

Can you believe it? THis is SUNNY FLORIDA in February 2014. This is a photo of my back yard, our barn and just one of 11 oaks on our one acre plot. This is "ice", not snow but it sure could of fooled me. I mean I'm only a Floridian ya know and snow isn't something we see too much of. However it was an awesome winter, because I LOVE COLD WEATHER! YAY!

Okay, I know, this is a little Primitive Bunny anxiously awaiting Easter. He's all dolled up with his cute little tag that says... "Got Carrots"?

Now blogbuddies, let me introduce you to my fabulous lamp revamp. This lamp was bound for the dumpster until I Deborah arose, and made a beautiful shade out of Christmas ribbon and left over fringe. Cost? $ 0.
A friend had this chair sitting on the curb waiting for trash day and of course, you guessed, I just couldn't resist the temptation. Then suddenly to my surprise the next day or two went by and this little ottoman showed up on some else's curb. Yay  for me!  

This little Mermaid don't have a name as far as I know because she was a special order for a lady I've never met before. She saw one in my little vendors booth in December and someone else bought her so this little lady wanted me to make her another one. I really like this one better than the first.
Isn't this chair the bomb? Well, thats what I call it coz it's soooo.....big and round. I paid a whoppin $20.00 bucks for it. The bomb was an ugly dirty tan with no cushions or ruffle. Until I Deborah arose! It's painted with latex paint and the ruffle and cushions were made from recycled curtains. Also the pillows were given to me from my cousins left over yard sale stuff. I'm so blessed!  

This was one of those 1980's side tables. You may not be able to tell but the bottom is wrapped in black yarn very tightly, wound over and over again. Holds magazines, books, etc. So cute!

I call this one Christa because my daughter-in-love saw this on facebook and went wild. Of course it now resides in Brooklyn, New York on her dresser full of beautiful jewels. A total remake of a little
jewelrybox that was dumpster doomed! RESTORATION!  

Another road side pick up. Just a sweet little accent piece. Painted and primed.  

Okay so I got tired of painting furniture and wanted to be a little more creative and this is what I got. I'm calling this painting "Three's Company".

Then in my mad dash to create something on canvas I did a little intuitive thing. Put some stuff on a canvas, papers, polka-dots, ink- swirlies, stencil, then this Big Nosed Kate came out. So of course I had to paint her.  

Now this, my blog friends ,is my master piece. Momma called, she said, hey there's a chair down the road a piece and the garbage will run tomorrow. You need to come pick it up coz it looks pretty good. So, I packed up the little go-diddy and when I saw this piece I was SCARED to touch it. It was so ugh! But I have eyes to see far beyond what most people see and instantly I knew this ugly old beat up piece of UGLY could be my very own Alice In Wonderland Chair! What did it cost me? Zero Buckaroos! I told ya'll... I AM BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! ( Oh by the way, you are too, just receive Him and His goodness towards you)

Whew! When I said not much was happening I guess I haven't come out of the Studio to see what was going on. But surely there has been plenty to do. I still want to add some words to this and I think I'm gonna let it say......Home Sweet Home!  Why? hum... I don't know, just looks like all the little creatures have made a home out of the old oak tree.
See ya'll again soon. Be creative, make something and share it.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014


YAY!  It's another NEW YEAR and I'm hitting the paint buckets hard. I'm so excited to have made a resolution that will disciplie me to two days per week to do my art and paint furniture. YAY!

I'm sticking with it too! Okay now for the good stuff. Here are a few updates. I'm now snapping photos with my new Smart phone but of course I've just now stopped long enough to add them to my blog. So are you ready? Let's GO!

Polka-dot Chair- A freebie from a good friend, was in terrible shape but wa-la! Isn't she gorgeous?

This was just an ugly old wooden box until Jerry
got hold of it and put a sweet screen door on the top. Matches
my kitchen beautifully.

This really looks so much better in
real life. For some reason the photo
doesn't do it a bit of justice. It's actually
a large jewelry display for my
little booth at the Antique Store.
This is where I create! Well at least one place where I create. I do all my large pieces and really messy stuff out here in Studio-B! This happens to be a very -very-slow day. Obviously. I'll post a pic one day on a happy messy day. That's more like me.'  

This is a little wooden try that Jerry made from scrap wood.  Just had to decorate with polkie-dots! love them!

This is Gabby and I'm teaching her how to sew. This is her first lesson. She made two cute little monsters. I'm also teaching her piano lessons. Gabby is an incredibly awsome little girl and I'm proud that she's my friend.

Wine bottles started showing up everywhere cuz I thought I wanted to make some of them sparkly lights but , well, that didn't work so well for me so instead... I just made a chicken and a rabbit and now I want to make a whole barnyard MOO!!!

This is the Rabbit. I think these little critters are adorable. I really like the rustic look of them. Not quite completed but just a few more things to do. Then off to market we go weeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the living area of my house. Jerry and I are very cozy in our humble abode. There is Pootella, otherwise known as Pooty-Poo sitting inthe recliner. Not sure why she is there she usually sits inthe round chair. Humm. Papa Bear must be fixin din-din. Sugar-Pie our little long hair doxie must be sneaking around somewhere, sorry you missed her. She is a...hum, she's a Sugar-Pie.

Thanks Sharon for this cute little cafe set. When she gave it to me it was grey--blah! Then a little paint on the chairs with a few dots- freshen up those legs and put some sunshine on that table and well you to market.

Looks like I'm all caught for now I hope you will drop in again. This year is going to be marvelous I can already tell. I'm excited to share it with you but until later, have a blessed and glorious NEW YEAR!      

Saturday, December 21, 2013


WOW! Time flies when you're busy. And busy is what I've been. Sorry to be away so long  but just a quick update to let all of my blog family know that I really appreciate you stopping by and visiting me when you can. All of you are a true inspiration to keep those creative waters flowing. 
I'll make it snappy so here goes... Since October this is whats been happening and I mean this is just the "core" of it all not those other things that surround a life.

1.  Fall Festival
2. I did a total remake of my Mothers kitchen, painting walls, cabinets, and laying new floor YAY!
3.  Thanksgiving Dinner for about 60 hungry pilgrims.
4. Christmas Parade Float Decor
5. Christmas Parade other stuff that goes with it.
6. Helped put together a beautiful wedding for  dear friend.
7. Directed and Spearheaded the Munchkin MInistry while transporting children to and from,  and entertaining two Nursing Home Fascilities. 
8. Wrote, Directed and Produced an awesome Christmas Play, Danger in the Manger with a wonderful cast of 16.

Okay, now this doesn't involve the furniture revamps and ornament making, and hair doing, and house cleaning that goes on in between.

WHEW! and guess what?  NOW I'M SICK!

All I want is for someone to come  to my house and bake me some sugar cookies that look like snowmen and santa with a cute little candy cane. Honestly, please come, DO IT YOURSELF , don't ask me where anything is...look for it.....then pour me a tall glass of cold milk ( fat free) and join me as I celebrate my most beloved season of all. 


                                             SEE YOU NEXT YEAR