Monday, April 16, 2012

My Family

Alright friends, I think enough time has passed and I should introduce myself a little further. First of all I have a very special person who not only inspires me to make and create He also "celebrates" my work. His name is Jody and he is my awesome son. His wife Christa is equally as awesome. I love and am very proud of both of them. Oh don't get all crazy, this really is not "Arizona" it's the two of them getting ready for a Halloween party. Aren't they adorable? That must be my grandchild they're cradeling in their arms. Ain't that a hoot?

I couldn't resist adding this photo of the "bro". Isn't he handsome? He's happy too, this is during his wedding reception. A real NewYork Wedding with an Italian twist. Wonderful! I hope the next photo will fit here. Let's try. This is the lovely couple and of course me and , now introducing my hubby Jerry. 

 Well folks I can't leave t his post without introducing my next partner in hum...well let's just say she never leaves my side. She is with me while I make and create. Her name is Sugar Pie which may be referred to later in my blog post as S.P. I know you'll love her. She, like Jerry, Jody and Christa, is awesome. My family is the "BEST"!  

So I hope all of you are having a great Monday. Get our your crayons, pastels,acrylics or whatever you use to make stuff and do something creative. See ya! Oops! Here's one more photo of my crafty creative children. (It won't be the last)

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