Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Is Coming YAY!!!!

We are fast approaching my favorite time of year. So today as I was completing a few wips, (works in progress) look who stumbled in! I was so glad to see Mr. Scarecrow that I've invited him to join me in my Gallery for the Fall Season. I think he will add quite a presence in the place while encouraging shoppers to drop in on Booth # 11 for some great finds. Can't wait to take him there to see how the shoppers respond to  his awesomness.

I'll let ya'll know how things go. Until then take a peek at the newest addition created in Studio-B.
Cute little Pink & Zebra Set, would be great for  a fun decor piece in any room.
Well, until next time, happy creating to all of you. I'll be posting again very soon cuz there are many projects awaiting me. Toodaloo!

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