Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Art Journey

I saw this illustration over at "Willowing" and I've been practicing my facial features for a long - long time. I mean a very, VERY, long time. They say practice makes perfect. Still working it out but in the meantime check out their website and join the group.Lots of cool things to do.
This is my favorite! So colorful and inspiring.  

Pink is my favorite color and those dots, well, dots rule~ 

Take a trip to Karrie Evenson's Art blog and try your hand at this big boy! "Coutour drawing then  paint with bold bright colors.

By the light of the silvery moon..............................

These fairy dolls are made of fabric then painted. Sooo much fun to do until ya get to the part where you have to "turn" those little tiny eensy weensy legs and arms arrrgggg!!!!!! Adorable when completed and worth the trouble.  

This is the end of our July Journey of Art from Studio -B. I hope you 've enjoyed the tour and will check back often. The studio is cleaned and ready for another round of paint, glitter, glue, and FUN! See ya! 

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