Monday, July 29, 2013

Furniture Revamps

I promised to blog about my most recent revamps so ladies and gentlemen here they are! I've always wanted one of these and while yard sale-ing I ran across this old beat up thing. (not sure wht it's called ) Anyway I was so excited cuz I could actually see the potential to be something great so I loaded it up in the back of J's toyota pick-up and now I love it so much I'm not sure if i'm going to add it to my Booth at the Antique Gallery. I thought it would be nice to be used as a quilt closet. Also, I tried my hand at 'distressing" and I'm really undecided if I like the "old" look but honestly, I'm just so happy it' done and in my home.    

Now, on the other hand while I was waiting for paint to dry and in between all the rain we've had I conjured up this little quirky guy. So in love with him, gonna make him a woman. I'll be sharing that real soon.

The chair below is another yard sale find that I plan to revamp. The cushion is in the sewing room awaiting my personal touch. Think I'm going to really do something BRIGHT to this. I supposed I'll be finished with it within a few weeks. I know, that's a really long time but hey, I'm busy what can I say? See ya soon!

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