Thursday, January 23, 2014


YAY!  It's another NEW YEAR and I'm hitting the paint buckets hard. I'm so excited to have made a resolution that will disciplie me to two days per week to do my art and paint furniture. YAY!

I'm sticking with it too! Okay now for the good stuff. Here are a few updates. I'm now snapping photos with my new Smart phone but of course I've just now stopped long enough to add them to my blog. So are you ready? Let's GO!

Polka-dot Chair- A freebie from a good friend, was in terrible shape but wa-la! Isn't she gorgeous?

This was just an ugly old wooden box until Jerry
got hold of it and put a sweet screen door on the top. Matches
my kitchen beautifully.

This really looks so much better in
real life. For some reason the photo
doesn't do it a bit of justice. It's actually
a large jewelry display for my
little booth at the Antique Store.
This is where I create! Well at least one place where I create. I do all my large pieces and really messy stuff out here in Studio-B! This happens to be a very -very-slow day. Obviously. I'll post a pic one day on a happy messy day. That's more like me.'  

This is a little wooden try that Jerry made from scrap wood.  Just had to decorate with polkie-dots! love them!

This is Gabby and I'm teaching her how to sew. This is her first lesson. She made two cute little monsters. I'm also teaching her piano lessons. Gabby is an incredibly awsome little girl and I'm proud that she's my friend.

Wine bottles started showing up everywhere cuz I thought I wanted to make some of them sparkly lights but , well, that didn't work so well for me so instead... I just made a chicken and a rabbit and now I want to make a whole barnyard MOO!!!

This is the Rabbit. I think these little critters are adorable. I really like the rustic look of them. Not quite completed but just a few more things to do. Then off to market we go weeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the living area of my house. Jerry and I are very cozy in our humble abode. There is Pootella, otherwise known as Pooty-Poo sitting inthe recliner. Not sure why she is there she usually sits inthe round chair. Humm. Papa Bear must be fixin din-din. Sugar-Pie our little long hair doxie must be sneaking around somewhere, sorry you missed her. She is a...hum, she's a Sugar-Pie.

Thanks Sharon for this cute little cafe set. When she gave it to me it was grey--blah! Then a little paint on the chairs with a few dots- freshen up those legs and put some sunshine on that table and well you to market.

Looks like I'm all caught for now I hope you will drop in again. This year is going to be marvelous I can already tell. I'm excited to share it with you but until later, have a blessed and glorious NEW YEAR!      


  1. Hi Deb, or should I say Gertie? :) I love what you do with the furniture. Great stuff. And the rabbit and chook are wonderful. What did you use to make them, apart from the bottles?
    I'll be back!!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sue. I used Creative Paper Clay and painted them with acrylic paints and then varnished the Rabbit. I didn't varnish the Chicken cuz I wanted it to have that distressed look. And, Deb or Gertie is fine with me, I'll come to either name.

  3. I'll have to look into the paper clay. It's not something I've used, but I like 3D stuff. The bottom table and chairs, did you paint the seats or recover them with vinyl? They look so cheerful :)