Monday, January 7, 2013

In The Beginning

I've been thinking about how my creative journey got started and I ran across these adorable little sequin ornaments in my holiday decorating and then it came to me. 
When I was seventeen ( ouch! so long ago) I was visiting a friend for an afternoon.  She brought out these little sequin craft sets and that's  how we spent the afternoon. Actually these are my very first hand crafted .... anything that I ever made. From that point forward my heart is sold out to all things hand made.

There are so many good things that come from "making it myself". Here's a start,

                                                           1. (1) It keeps my hands busy,Momma always said " idle hands are the devils workshop"
                                                           2. 2. It gives me a sence of accomplishment

                                                           3.  It occupy's my mind
                                                           4. Relieves stress

 I think that artsing and craftsing is just who I am. I come from a long line of Do-It-Yourselfers.

I can remember my Great Grand-mother with her little bun wrapped on the back of her head sitting for hours making rag dolls, teddy bears, aprons or just anything and everything that touched her heart to do so. My Grand-mother was also handy with her hands and then my Mother made our dresses, costumes, choral outfits, and stage settings and has become a profilic artist over the years painting with oils in realism.

For me doing it myself, means everything. My desire has always been and still is, to make all of my curtains, table cloth's, comforters, pillows, paint my own pictures, make everyone's Christmas gift, and decorate elaborately for every holiday with everything hand made, by Moi!

As I look back over the years it seems that I've been true to myself and the wonderful world of hand-made. I don't have a daughter who will grasp my mantle and run with it but I am so very blessed to have an awesome Son who is artistically gifted and without a doubt will teach all of my beautiful grand children the precious gift of " do it yourself". Now just think ... it all began with sequins, pins, and an afternoon with a friend. WOW! I'm blessed.


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  1. What a great post. I love hearing how people get started with creativity. And to think you still have the little pieces you created. They are truly treasures to be handed down.