Friday, August 10, 2012

Bird Mural (2011)

It's late tonight and I've just settled in from a busy busy day. I can't say enough about the heat here in Florida, howbeit, Ive lived in this city for 56 years you would think by now I wuld be used to it but....NOT!  
I do have to say however, I painted a mermaid, like I"ve been talking about for so long and tomorrow, just maybe I will bring myself to go into the studio and snap a photo just so you can see it. I love it.

Since I don't have any art to show you tonight I will take a peek in my files and see what I can share with you. Hold on a sec while I look......  OH! There it is.  This is my first "wall" painting. It looked better in person or should I say 'bird". This was a wall that I painted for my "Children's Church". The kids had a ball when they saw it. Oh the stories I could tell as I related them to this gigantic mural. Okay, folksies, I'm going to sign off for now but I promise I will return with more interesting Art-E-Facts later. Toodles.    

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